How do I know if the damage to my windshield is repairable?

Rock chips up to the size of a fifty-cent piece and cracks up to 24 inches long that started cracking within the past 90 days are typically repairable.  The sooner you identify the damage the better the repair will be.

Why should I have my windshield repaired?

Having your windshield repaired stabilizes the damage, keeps it from spreading, and restores the structural integrity of the glass while also restoring visibility.

Will I still be able to detect the damage after it is repaired?

Most rock chips clear up 70% - 95%, leaving only a speck where the resin was injected.  From inside the vehicle a hint of the original damage is detectable.  Cracks can be more detectable depending on the age of the crack and how much dirt has accumulated in the crack before the  repair is made.  Most repaired cracks look like a strand of hair when looking straight on, from an angle, it is usually only slightly noticeable.  The glare that came from the sun reflecting on the crack is mostly gone once repaired.

How long do windshield repairs usually take to complete?

Chip repairs normally take about 15 minutes to complete. Crack repairs can take longer depending on the length of the crack, but normally can be completed in about 30 minutes. A little more time may be needed for filling out paperwork, but we try to have as much of that done beforehand as possible.

Why do insurance companies pay for windshield repair?

Windshields have become increasingly expensive in recent years and break more easily because they are not as thick as they once were.  Insurance companies are realizing a substantial savings by using repairs as an alternative to replacement.  To incentivize this benefit they are willing to pay the total cost of repairs. This results in a win-win for both you and the insurance company.

How can Clear Quest repair cracks longer than 6 inches, my agent said cracks over 6 inches long are not usually deemed repairable?

We use a patented system to repair long cracks. Long cracks can be repaired successfully and the repairs are safe.  Long crack repair done correctly passes all government safety tests.

Why don't other glass shops offer long crack repairs?

Unfortunately, most glass shops are interested in selling new windshields rather than saving the existing windshield.  We are a repair first, replace only when necessary shop.  We care about saving our customers money and keeping unnecessary waste out of landfills.

What guarantee do I have that my repair is going to last?

Clear Quest stands behind every repair with our Lifetime WarrantyWindshield repairs are guaranteed not to spread for as long as you own the car.  If the damage does spread beyond the repair, we will re-repair the extended damage or refund the original repair amount to whomever paid for the repair.  In most cases this will be your insurance company.