Chip Repair

We repair rock chips up to the size of a 50-cent piece. Once the damaged area is repaired, visual clarity is improved 70 to 95%, and the structural integrity of your windshield is restored. Most chip repairs take about 15 minutes to perform and are guaranteed for the life of your windshield. Best of all most repairs are FREE to the customer. Insurance companies save hundreds of dollars each time a preventative repair is completed instead of a replacement, therefore the deductible is usually waived.

The three most common types of rock chip damage are stars, bull's-eyes and combination breaks.

Stars usually have small legs; there may be several of these small legs originating from the impact point. Most stars can be successfully repaired in 15 minutes or less. This type of damage is very prone to cracking and should be repaired right away.

Bull's-eyes are circular shaped air pockets originating from the impact point. These are easily repaired in 15 minutes or less. Bull's-eyes repair very well, and in many cases, you will have a hard time finding the damaged area once it has been repaired.

Combination breaks are usually the result of a larger rock striking the windshield. They are a combination of a bull's-eye and a star break. Some combination breaks have a larger impact point where the rock impacted the windshield. These damages repair very easily, though the finished repair may show a little more because of the larger impact point. 

Crack Repair

Sometimes a crack can seemingly appear out of nowhere. The next time this happens there is an alternative to windshield replacement. We use patented multi head technology to repair windshield cracks up to 24 inches long. Most crack repairs are completed in about 30 minutes and include our Lifetime Warranty.

Like rock chip repairs, insurance companies see significant savings by repairing cracked windshields instead of replacing them. To incentivize these savings, they will waive your deductible and pay for the majority of, if not the entirety of the repair cost.

Be aware that if you call in the glass claim before calling us you will be talking to a claims administrator that is affiliated with a large replacement company. They will most likely try to convince you that you need a new windshield and that the crack cannot be repaired. If you choose to go this route, simply tell them you intend to have the windshield repaired by Clear Quest Windshield Repair rather than replacing it. You may also inform them that our Lifetime Warranty covers crack repairs against spreading further.

 It is wisest to repair cracks as soon as you see them, as cracks may spread indefinitely, and dirt will accumulate in cracks making them less likely to be successfully repaired. Even though Clear Quest Windshield Repair can repair a crack up to 24 inches, the sooner a repair is performed the better the outcome will be. Windshields that have been cracked for longer than 3 months may need to be replaced. Chip repairs, on the other hand, have no time limit because the dirt cannot contaminate them like it does in cracks.